Vicky Adin

Vicky Adin’s passion is writing inter-generational sagas inspired by early immigrant stories to New Zealand, linked by journals, letters, photographs, and heirlooms.

Many decades of research later, Vicky has combined her skills to write heart-warming novels weaving family life and history together in a way that makes the past come alive.

She invites you to journey alongside the immigrants as they cross the oceans for a better life, or follow their descendants as they uncover the long lost secrets of bygone days.

Become engrossed in The New Zealand Immigrant Collection, suspenseful family saga fiction uncovering the mysteries, the lies and the challenges of the past, or delve into the new dual-timeline series, The Art of Secrets, family sagas about finding your roots..

Vicky Adin holds a MA(Hons) in English and Education. She is an avid reader of historical novels, family sagas and contemporary women’s stories and loves to travel. She especially enjoys caravanning around New Zealand with her husband and biggest fan; and spending time with her family.