Amy Sandas

Amy Sandas’s love of romance began one summer at thirteen when she complained of boredom. One of her mother’s Barbara Cartland books ended up in her hands and an obsessive interest was born. Her affinity for writing began with pre-teen poetry and led to a Creative Writing BA from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. She currently lives with her husband and three amazing kids in Central Wisconsin but dreams of someday retiring on a sunny beach somewhere. She enjoys pizza, wine, and dark brooding heroes.

Amy writes historical romance about dashing, and sometimes dangerous, men who know just how to get what they want and women who at times may be reckless, bold, and unconventional, but who always have the courage to embrace all that life and love have to offer. For her, Romance has always been a way to explore the multi-faceted experiences of love, from the angsty struggles to the HEAs. She has always loved the journey of an individual growing into themselves through the connection with another, learning that happiness, redemption, even bliss is possible, for everyone. Romance is about hope.