Barry Robbins

I'm a retired CPA. I did that stuff for a large, international accounting firm for 26 years. Then I quit. Together with my Finnish wife and two beautiful daughters, we moved to Helsinki, Finland. I lived there full-time for 12 years and now spend much of the time in Florida, saving cool Finland for the summer.

Oh Daddy Chronicles was born in the stay-at-home days of March 2020. It seemed that every time I read or watched the news concerning Trump, my blood would boil and I started writing. I soon found that the lampooning of Trump and associates had therapeutic effect - not just on me, but also on the television set which avoided vases and the like crashing through it. Perhaps The Orange One thought he could escape the satiric eye of Oh Daddy Chronicles by relocating to Mar-a-Lago, but we followed him there, resulting in Oh Daddy Chronicles 2: Return of Covfefe.