Bethany Loughlin-Frost

Bethany has been writing her whole life. When she’s not writing a new story, she is either reading, riding motorcycles with her hubby, or helping to mold young minds by following her passion of being a teacher. She is usually found at her home in Kansas, in Florida visiting her dad, or in New York visiting other friends and family. She is happily married with 4 wonderful Fur-babies! “The Witch’s Savior” was her debut novel, and she has multiple other novellas published as well as being a part of a few anthologies! “The Witch’s Soul”, book 2 in the 5 Witches Series, was released in 2022, with a cute grouping of Novellas that follows the coven coming out Summer 2023! She also has an AWESOME shifter novel that came out in March 2023 as well!! So much happening, and more stories to come!