C.K. Noel Noel

C.K. Noel may seem just your average guy, but his boundless imagination gives birth to tales of paranormal MM romance, where fated mates, true love, and happily-ever-afters rule supreme. Yet, for C.K., every silver lining has its cloud - his characters must face their fair share of challenges before savoring the sweet taste of happiness. Because what's a good story without a sprinkle of drama to keep things interesting?

C.K. takes the mundane aspects of life and spins them into extraordinary narratives, revealing the magic in the everyday. His stories, including the popular High Garden Dragons, Belle Fort Wolves, and the latest series, Satchel Pride, explore themes of dragons, shifters, Fae, and MPREG. His tales offer something for every taste.

Life away from the computer is just as vibrant for C.K. He calls a quaint Florida town home, a stone's throw from the place he grew up. When not weaving enchanting tales or delving into captivating reads, you can find him by the pool, not the beach (because let's face it, sharks are scarier than any paranormal creature he writes about).

He shares his life with a large, lively family, a prissy Chihuahua with a royal demeanor, and two cats who switch from cuddling to clawing in the blink of an eye. In C.K.'s world, the ordinary meets the extraordinary - both on and off the pages.