Carolyn CJ Jones

Carolyn CJ Jones is an international bestselling, silver-medal-winner-for-world-peace author, forgiveness instructor and coach, motivational speaker, and retired registered nurse.

Two passions occupy CJ's heart. First, she loves sharing her story so others can gain peace and freedom from their struggles. She is thrilled to see a person's eyes light up when they forgive someone or themselves. Her second love is varnishing teak wood trim on sail boats. Although not presently involved in the boating world, she vows to return to it one day...

In preparation for becoming the author of "Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing" - it's the book that was awarded a silver medal for world peace - Carolyn Jones quickly discovered she could not be found on Google, as there were pages and pages of her namesake. Right away she knew the solution - a middle name. The problem was, she was not given one at birth and she kept her maiden name for professional reasons when she got married.

Carolyn decided to use her high school nickname of CJ. Now, most people think the CJ in her name is simply her initials. It is, and yet, it's more. In high school, her best friend named her the original Cracker Jack after she stole the show in the musical, Carousel. And this is what CJ stands for; it's how her professional name came to be. She now comes up first when searched on Google.

CJ resides thirty miles north of San Francisco, California, with her revered 14-year old kitty, Izzy. In her spare time, she likes to write, work in and on her business, including the design and creation of her marketing materials, decorate her home, play with Izzy, listen to the news, and do light renovation work on the house.