Charles Puccia

I live on the west coast of the sunshine state, aka Florida. I started writing a few years back while living in the North East of England, the “rainshine” state. Okay, not a real word and not a state. I made ecological models of the environment until someone suggested it was a mystery to them, which set me on the path to writing mystery novels.

And the first question I'm asked from a reader is: “Which character is you?” It should be obvious. I’m the intelligent, good-looking buff guy with abundant hair in the right places. Hey, I’m the author I get to choose whichever character I want to be. But in all honesty, my characters are a composite of people I've met and not one is like me.

For those thinking of reading my books, they ask: "What are your books about?" To know that you have to read them. But some people insist I explain, so the short answer is my Vinnie Briggs series are mystery-thrillers populated by unscrupulous characters. Each book has a broad theme: obsession, love/family, privilege, fear, and betrayal. I write using contemporary language and a range of adult behaviors. If you enjoy mature stories and 16+ movies, then you’ll enjoy my books.

I’m into audiobooks and among over forty downloads my recent collection varies from serious to humorous: The Silent Patient (Michaelides), Run Away (Coben), A Gentleman in Moscow (Towles), The Children Act (McEwan), and The Day That Never Comes (McDonnell). The list changes weekly, but this gives an idea of my range of genre.