Cleave Bourbon

Cleave Bourbon is a native of Texas. His Texas heritage and his love of science fiction and fantasy allows him to write weird westerns among other fantastical stories.
In fact, he has loved all things fantasy since he read the Belgariad by David and Leigh Eddings in High School. He says the word “fantasy” comes from fantasizing, so the sky is the limit on what fantasy can encompass as far as writing goes, so he isn’t afraid to experiment and write new twists to liven up old tropes.
Being that he holds both a B.A. and an M.A. in English, he writes full time and teaches in his spare time. He teaches Junior High and High School level grammar, vocabulary, and writing online. He says he will never stop writing and he will never stop teaching, unless he becomes physically unable to do so.
He currently resides in Texas with his Tortoise Shell Cat, Khaleesi.