David Johnson

With a literary legacy spanning eighteen published works, and sales nearing the impressive one-million mark, David Johnson has firmly established himself as a master storyteller renowned for crafting "books with heart." His narratives are a testament to his gift for creating resilient and unforgettable characters, often hailing from humble beginnings, who navigate the unpredictable twists of everyday life with grace and tenacity.

Beyond the pages of his novels, David Johnson brings nearly five decades of experience in guiding people on their life journey, first as a schoolteacher, then as a Youth and Family Minister, and for the past thirty years as a professional counselor, earning him a well-deserved constellation of commendations and awards.

But beyond his career life, David is a devoted family man, having cherished fifty years of marriage to his beloved wife, Brenda. Together, they share a deep passion for the great outdoors, spending memorable moments camping and immersing themselves in the beauty of nature. When he's not penning stories or lending his expertise as the Clinical Director of an outpatient opiate addiction program, you're likely to find him traipsing through the woods, a favorite place to be where inspiration often strikes.

David Johnson invites you to connect with him, the creative mind behind the acclaimed "Tucker" series—a captivating world where ordinary individuals face extraordinary challenges, and where heartwarming tales of resilience and hope come to life.

You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.