DJanée is both an author and a poet. As an author, she writes material ranging from children’s books to young adult fiction.

With a collection of young adult novels, children’s books, and poems to her name, DJanée is a multifaceted writer of various genres and formats. Her published books include Jimmy and the Teddy Bear and On the Run, the first book in the young adult dystopian series More Than Conquerors.

As a roller coaster enthusiast, DJanée uses her works to captivate, inspire, encourage, and entertain young readers with engaging plots and exciting twists and turns throughout her stories. When she is not writing poetry or stories, she is learning something new, such as a new language, a new skill, or random facts. She also enjoys traveling with loved ones.

You can visit her website at
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest: @djaneecreations.