E. L. Strife

Strife served in the U.S. Air Force Reserves for six years in Ammo while completing two Bachelor's Degrees in Public Health and Human Sciences and working as a personal trainer.

Now she crafts sci-fi novels featuring militaries, space operas, cyberpunk themes, fantastical powers, aliens, colonization, genetic engineering, crime, and corrupt futuristic societies. Strife’s sci-fi is often crude and graphic, features strong women, and typically includes people who like to blow s--- up.

E. L. isn’t always in front of her laptop. She enjoys taking the four-wheelers to the coast with her husband and doing donuts in the sand. Strife most enjoys camping in the mountains and soaking in hot springs in the snow, but you're most likely to find her in the gym.

Strife has traveled the US, Canada, and Europe. She's toured lava tubes, the NASA center in Houston, castles, and concentration camps. She's even learned to race BMWs at the track in southern California.

Strife enjoys connecting with readers and welcomes all feedback and questions. If you’d like to know when Strife’s next books will be out, and to ensure you hear about her giveaways, visit her website: elstrife.com and subscribe via the links on her homepage.