Elora Ramirez

Hi, I'm Elora.

I am a story coach, author, and gatherer of creative bones. I’ve been writing online for twenty years, which is basically an entire lifetime.

It’s at least long enough for me to find my voice, over and over again, in new ways and in new forms that require an element of bravery. Terry Tempest Williams is right: every single time I’ve uncovered a deeper piece of me, the unearthing has required a betrayal.

Recently, this has been a memory of a prayer I whispered right around the time I began writing: who am I, really? What am I doing here?

The answer came swiftly and has continued to show up again and again: I am a speaker of Truth. ⚔️

Even more recently, the deeper layer: I am the Tower. The Knowing. The Hands in Rubble and Ashes in order to Birth Something New.

I am learning what it means to embody this naming.

This is the alchemic part of creativity — The part that breeds magic and breathes form into being. Guiding you through the underworld of your story to uncover the bones of your past and how these make up the story of who you are in this flesh and bone is what I am here to do. It’s simple, really. We bury a lot. And because we bury, we forget.

And because we forget, we become incoherent.

Remembering births the coherence — a deeper understanding of your story, your creativity, your intuition, and your voice.

It’s always been about story for me. Every single thing I’ve ever done has the hint of narrative. Writing stories as spells for healing, leading others in the excavation of their own story-bones, listening for the whisper of a beginning for the next one I’m supposed to share, and inhaling as many books as physically possible is basically how I spend my days.

Welcome to this new chapter of discovery. I’m glad you’re here.

May you remember who you are.
May you find the bones of your story and learn the song they need to breathe again.
And may the ashes of what was reveal your true name.