Elysia Strife

Strife is best known for her sweet and clean (no intimacy) holiday romance and loves writing tough and humble male leads with feisty but kind-hearted women who show them just what they've been missing.

She's a US Air Force Reserves veteran, holds two Bachelor's degrees in Public Health, and used to do personal training. Strife likes hiking in the Cascades, camping, and snowboarding. She enjoys reading on rainy and snowy mornings with a Christmas-scented candle burning and a fire going, even if it's just the fake one in her RV.

Strife lives with an amazing man who can build anything he puts his mind to and a rescued dog that steals socks and chases the vacuum. Together, they travel the country, from the golden plains of North Dakota to the warm ocean of the southern Texas coast and back to the green valleys and vineyards of Oregon. Anywhere is home as long as they're together.

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