Eva Sandor

Longtime illustrator Eva Sandor is now painting with words! She's the author of FOOL'S PROOF and POWER'S PLAY-- comic fantasies set in a world of magical technology, luscious language and characters you can love— hate— be annoyed by— but most of all, laugh at!

UPDATE: Eva is currently writing Book #3, DOOM'S DAZE. It's on track to launch in October 2022. Get ready for an even bigger, though still "mildly magical" fantasy world and more action, humor and heart from your favorite characters.

Eva lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, their horse and a constant stream of creative projects. She is a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University, where she learned to work and play hard in equal proportion, and of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the perfect environment for her alternately wry and ridiculous sense of humor.