Frank Paolino

I write a lot. Just not books. I write about software, my own software, explaining difficult concepts in one sentence to sell it to customers. I must be good at that, as I have sold over millions of copies of my software to customers over the last few decades.

I started writing a book on AI in 2018 and shelved it as I believed a novel about AI was too esoteric to be read widely. Then ChatGPT came along, and all my non-techie friends asked me "what's next?" That drove me to resurrect the novel and finish it.

I am an optimist, and I design and build software for a living, so the AI in my novel is useful, something people want to own, to use every day. It is not some dystopian killer, that would be too dark for me, and besides, who in the real world would buy a software like that?