Georgia Adler

I live in South Louisiana with my husband and three dogs. My relationship with my husband is the inspiration for many of the stories I have written. His willingness to allow me to explore and share my desires is just one of the reasons he continues to be the love of my life. Female sexuality,romance and desires are complex subjects that are often overlooked as our age advances. Once we reach certain age milestones......we become the forgotten ones.

When I turned fifty, I realized that stories about sexuality and women my age were a scarcity, and I set out to change that by delving deeper into what I personally feel regarding aging and my own sexuality. Women of all ages can and do love sex, and I want to portray that in the books I write. I want every woman, no matter what her age, to feel free to express and explore their desires without shame or judgment......embracing, what I consider, to be the fountain of youth.