Giulia Lagomarsino

Growing up on a small farm in Illinois, I had dreams of becoming an actress. Though that never panned out, my love for the arts never died. I was always daydreaming with my head stuck in the clouds. After marrying and having three kids, I started to wonder what I would do when they were all off at school. After much research, I came up with the most brilliant way to earn extra money. I was going to donate plasma! When I ran home to tell my husband, he said in his thick Slovak accent, "No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book." Well, challenge accepted! I sat down and started writing my very first book, Jack in my series For The Love Of A Good Woman. I loved it so much that I just kept going. Of course, it wasn't all sunshine and roses. Writing wasn't something I had done in a long time. Let's just say there was a steep learning curve with my editor. The first draft looked something like you would see on a high school paper, all marked up with corrections. Still, I didn't give up. Ideas poured from my brain, and I never stopped. I still love it four years later, and have many series plotted and ready to soon as I can get to writing them all! My books are all intertwined, with characters and storylines continuing from one series to the next. They should be read in order, though some people enjoy doing their own thing!