Isaac Petrov

People, you know how it is when you pick up a book, and it's a meh, or even an ew? Well, I am one of those poor bastards to whom that happens. A LOT!

But, oh, when that rarest of gems, the enthralling, no-bullshit story makes its rare appearance and sucks you whole? Oh, yes! That is what I live for, people: a good science fiction book.

Solid, no-bullshit science fiction is all about the playful engagement of the intellect; that mix of escapism and raw realism; that exploration of the human soul under the duress of the most tantalizing of realities. Oh, no other genre comes even close, people. Yeah, I know how arrogant it sounds. Sorry. Doesn’t make it any less true.

But hey, this is the page where I get to tell you about my not-so-humble self, and if there is one thing, only one, that I want my readers to know is that I do love science fiction. Always have. A true nerd, since way before it was cool (yeah, I’m that old). And my promise to you is that I make the books that I want to read. Nothing less.

If you insist on knowing more, all right. Hmm, let’s see. Born in Spain, I’m currently settled in Amsterdam with my wife and young son. Law and economics academic background. Software engineering career. A few start-up failures. A long software engineering career. And a passion for science since… well, forever—I told you I’m a true nerd.