K.E. O’Connor

K.E. O’Connor is the author of the Magical misfits mysteries, the Witch Haven mystery series, the Crypt Witch cozy mysteries, the Lorna Shadow ghost mysteries, the Holly Holmes baking mysteries, and the Zee Town paranormal cozy series, along with other titles available if you cast the right spell. She can imagine dragons, taste cookies when they aren’t even there, and hear the crack of a witch’s broom at a hundred paces.

K.E. (the K stands for Karen) lives in the United Kingdom (it isn’t very united, but that’s a mystery for another time) among the mystical stones and fairy creatures of Somerset. She graduated from the Universities of Southampton and Reading, where she received degrees in Archaeology and Cognitive Evolution (both entertaining to take part in, but with the career options of a ground witch’s toe bone.)

If you’re of the curious persuasion and want to know more, visit her website at www.keoconnor.com for enlightening knowledge on all things cozy mystery, book news, and a peek into the magical world of a writer who believes animals talk and magic is just a finger click away.

To contact her, visit her Facebook page – www.facebook/keoconnorauthor, join her email list, or dust off that haunted mirror in your cellar and speak the ancient magical words to transport yourself into her lounge. There may be tea and cookies waiting, or there may be giants – it depends on her mood.