Kathy Coatney

I've spent long hours behind the lens of a camera, wading through cow manure, rice paddies and orchards over my thirty-year career as a photojournalist specializing in agriculture.

I also love—and write—deeply emotional, small-town contemporary romance. Ironically, some of my books carry an agriculture thread in them, some more than others.

Please note I used to write these books under Kate Curran, but now I write all books under Kathy Coatney. I also writes a series of nonfiction children’s books, From the Farm to the Table and Dad’s Girls.

When I'm not writing, you'll find me mountain biking, cross-country skiing, or running—a really, really slow jog that's been compared to a pace slower than a tortoise. 

Visit her website at: https://www.kathycoatney.com