Kevin Kangas

Kevin Kangas is a writer and director who broke through with his 2002 cult-hit "Hunting Humans", which garnered awards and a glowing review from the great Job Bob Briggs who called it "Eerily Prescient" and gave it four out of four stars. His next film, "Fear of Clowns", was picked up by Lionsgate and quickly became a top-ten title for them. A sequel followed, and then Kangas moved on to stretch his creative muscles with the found-footage action horror "Bounty" and then the genre-bending mystery/horror "Garden of Hedon."

After a brief break, he returned to helm the anthology feature Terrortory, which became one of the most-watched films on Amazon in October of 2016. The sequel was released in October of 2018. All of his films can be watched for free at

He's also released a novella about vampires called "With Teeth" and a love-letter to Halloween called "Halloween: The Greatest Holiday of All."