Leigh Lincoln

Leigh has spent the better part of the last thirty years involved in homeless and poverty advocacy in one way or another. Her novel – Road Home – was born out of this work. She wanted to make people think about their lives and how they live. But most importantly, about how they treat others and how they want to be treated.
Her novels - Road to Freedom, Finding the Real Road, and The Road West - look at how our lives don't always follow the path we choose. But yet somehow we must pick up the broken pieces and move on. How we grow and where our strength comes from are what's most important.

These novels form the basis for her series - Broken Roads. Each shows how life is raw, painful, and often leads us on journeys we never expected or imagined. While each book doesn't seem to relate, the final book in the series will connect the dots of how these characters have touched the lives of each other in ways they never knew. Keep watching for updates on when new books will come out!

Leigh loves to travel, paint and hike. You never know where she'll end up next, for she's on her own journey of discovery.

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