Mandira Mazumder

My author's Journey began in my adolescence like"Anne Frank."

I had been a caged bird from an extremely conservative background. In my family and social surroundings, I was expected to conform to the mandatory rules of a girl child. I was loved and taken care of but at the cost of my freedom as a human being. So I voiced my ideas in the form of short stories and articles in my school and college magazines.
During the '80s, the Indian middle-class society was going through a transformation like the western society during the'50s. Women were coming out of their closet, and yet not fully free to make the decision. We were expected to be "good girls": educated, elegant, sober, sweet but with no opinion of our own.

I read books of all kinds I could find in the library to know the world beyond. I kept maintaining my personal diary. Yet my wings were clipped when I was socially married at the age of 20. During the daytime, I had to slog and take care of my baby girl. I did my secret studies at night to complete my university degree. My husband was posted far away.
My completion of post-graduation in English is a story of great struggle.

Eventually, I became an English teacher at the High School level, and guest lecturer in a reputed Open University in India. Those years of teaching enabled me to learn more about the English language and literature.
Later, some of my articles were published in an English newspaper in India and other small magazines.
But my big break arrived in 2013 when Ezine started publishing my short memoirs, articles, stories, travel writing, and reviews till the year 2017. They honored me with an Expert Author certificate in 2014.

My writing stopped because of some personal tragedy that beset my life in 2018. To overcome my melancholia, I enrolled myself in Creative writing classes with the British Council in my city. They certified me with A+ and Excellence in my overall performance in 2019.

Thereafter, the Pandemic broke out during the month of April in 2020. The chaos and house- arrest became my reason to wake up to my writing call. I finished my inspirational stories, edited them myself, and published them on Amazon at the end of the year. My first book was named"Even Caged Birds Sing."

Thanks to the lockdowns which has enabled me to publish my second book, a Dark Romance, "Her Untamed Soul" which is also a psychological thriller and suspense.

I hope to reach out to my human stories, my fiction and nonfiction writings, based on real-life to my readers abroad worldwide. Universal tales about humanity must resonate with all.

Cheers to the voice of the Soul! Cheers to my readers. Love:)