Mustafa Yorgancioglu

Mustafa Yorgancioglu is a nature lover, veteran software engineer, history, sci-fi & space enthusiast, and the author of the book “Children of The Sun.”

He is a computer science expert by training and a software solution designer by practice. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University.

Mustafa’s interest in science fiction started at an early age when introduced to the work of Isaac Asimov. After reading Asimov’s and many other authors’ work, he decided to develop a projection of the world’s current affairs into a near future scenario where the main actor is the Sun.

He is an avid solution designer for problems in both software and real-life practices; be it building a geo-location-centric incident management system for municipalities or integrating disparate systems to communicate with each other. He also runs an orange orchard in his native Cyprus.