N. Christine Samuelson

Christine writes about life and love’s challenges, losses and victories involving the eternal bonds that transform lives and transcend time, death and place. Her characters and story lines are grounded in reality but include mystery and mysticism. Her stories are influenced by a wealth of life experience and a unique voice which inspire the diverse settings, characters, and authentic storylines of her novels.

Creativity and writing have long been part of her careers in graphic design, advertising and newspapers. Now, in writing unique fiction, Christine explores the joys and triumphs, the tragic and the magic of life and love that readers can relate to, along with hopefully reading something new and fascinating.

Living in coastal South Carolina, Christine finds the land and sea are constant sources of inspiration. She hopes readers of her stories will be inspired to look at life and love through a different lens and realize that no matter your circumstances, we all share similar stories in our lives and our hearts.