Nancy Monroe

Nancy was born and raised in New Jersey which may, or may not, have contributed to her pre-occupation with killing complete strangers. Since that is generally frowned upon in polite society she had to settle for sarcasm and occasional snarkiness. And usually in her own head. This led her to a career in law, rather organically.

Nancy was lucky enough to have moved around and have had the chance to do a lot of crazy things. Mostly because there was no one there to stop her. She also has her share of crazy friends who get her into unusual situations to begin with.

Nancy got into writing by accident when all the characters in her head demanded their voices be heard. They also encouraged her to re-locate to South Carolina when her job became remote. She hasn’t regretted either decision yet. When not practicing law, she enjoys reading in the sun, cross stitch and figuring out new ways to kill off complete strangers.