Sharla Wylde

Award winning author Sharla Wylde has been daydreaming about fantasy worlds forever. After sneaking a romance novel at age fourteen, she fell in love and never looked back. Penning short stories was a way to relieve boredom and entertain close friends.

Born in Wisconsin and raised in small towns in the mid-west, Sharla now lives in Texas with her family and two dogs who are all supportive of her writing. Reading, watching movies, gardening, and playing ball with the puppers are high priorities. She enjoys traveling and tries to visit a new destination every year, but a reading marathon about sexy hunks is THE BEST EVER ideal downtime.

Sharla writes romantic suspense, erotic, and dark urban fantasy, some a little bit wild (steamy) and others a whole lot wild (erotic). Grab a couple of freebies by signing up for Sharla's newsletter -