Sharon A. Mitchell

Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell lives on a farm, with her nearest neighbor several miles away. Doesn't that seem like the ideal setting to spark the imagination?

She takes long walks with her hundred-pound German Shepherd dogs, Pickles and Dill. (She didn't name them).

Sharon has worked in schools as a teacher, counselor, psychologist, and consultant for thirty years. Her Master's and Doctorate degrees focused on autism. She has delivered workshops and seminars to thousands of participants including at national conferences.

She's writing her fifh psychological thriller novel for the When Bad Things Happen series.
In addition to two, (almost three), short stories tied to that series, she's written six novels, each featuring an autistic child or young adult. Two nonfiction books accompany that autism series.

Her latest books are in the psychological thriller series When Bad Things Happen:
- Gone
- Trust
- Selfish
- Instinct
- Reasons Why
- Mine
- When Bad Things Happen Box Set (books 1 - 3)
- Anything for Her Son (short story)
- Young Anna (short story)

She is the author of the multi-award-winning, Amazon bestseller "Autism Goes to School". That novel was followed by:
- Autism Runs Away
- Autism Belongs
- Autism Talks and Talks
- Autism Grows Up
- Autism Goes to College - Jeff's Coming of Age Story
- Autism Box Set (Books 1-3)
- Autism Questions Parents Ask & The Answers They Seek
- Autism Questions Teachers Ask & The Answers They Seek