Shawn Elliot

Shawn Elliot is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist that specializes in weight loss and healing the body naturally through food and lifestyle. Her motto is “life is about balance not perfection” and encourages her clients to enjoy a piece of dark chocolate or occasional glass of wine.

After a fifteen year career in Human Resources, Shawn traded in her business suits and returned to school to pursue her love of nutrition and health. She is passionate about helping women take back control of their weight, their health, and their life and often donates her coaching time to help women in need. She has admitted to hating the cold and wet of Canadian winters and now travels between Canada and the south each year following the warmth of the sun. She loves the freedom of working online which allows her to work with women all over North America. When she isn’t working with clients or writing, Shawn can be found puttering in her garden or curled up with a good book.