Sheryl M. Frazer

Sheryl Frazer is married and lives in northern, California. Some of her passions are astronomy, eastern philosophy, and psychology.

The biggest surprise for Sheryl, came one fall day in 2015. Ms. Frazer had spent most of her married life, raising her three children while holding jobs in finance, travel, as well as a caregiver (not all at the same time mind you).  Then, before she knew it, the children were grown, and retirement arrived.

Wondered what was next, a story appeared in her mind. With a laugh, she uttered, "No way, I'm not a writer." But the story was compelling and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. So, on that fateful autumn day, with a nothing-to-lose attitude, Sheryl sat down and began to write, and has never looked back.

'Crossroads Through Time' debuted in 2017 to wonderful reviews. Her second novel, 'When She Touches' released in May 2020, and has won several awards and is a frequent best seller on Amazon.

The final novel in 'A Psychic Empath's Odyssey' Series, 'The Soul Seekers' launched February 18, 2023.

A new series is in the works.

Sheryl now knows how rewarding it is to write fiction, creating characters that are so life-like, you want to step through the page and either hug them, or knock them upside the head!