Stavros Saristavros

Stavros Saristavros was born in Melbourne to migrant parents from Greece.

Stavros fell in love with fantasy at the age of fourteen after reading his first Forgotten Realms novel, Pools of Darkness.
His love for the fantasy genre, and its larger-than-life characters, inspired him to pursue martial arts, where he now holds a black belt in karate and a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu; he has competed at an amateur level in both martial arts styles.
Stavros' interests include D&D-where he has years of DM experience, soccer, and mixed martial arts.

Alongside the release of his first novel, The Tome of Syyx, Stavros has created a website where he shares D&D/RPG resources with fans, including free art, battle maps, and D&D tools.
Check it out and download resources for your game at