Tammy Beck

Meet Tammy Beck, your soon-to-be favorite author, chef, and amateur sleuth rolled into one! When she’s not concocting deviously delicious plots, she’s whisking up mouth-watering recipes that even her characters can’t resist. Tammy believes that every good mystery is best served with a side of comfort food and a dash of humor.

With a writing style as layered as her lasagna and twists more surprising than a secret ingredient, Tammy’s books are the perfect recipe for readers who love their mysteries home-cooked and served with a side of laughs. Her characters are as rich as her desserts, and their adventures are as spicy as her signature salsa.

So, if you’re hungry for a mystery that’s as comforting as your grandmother’s casserole and as witty as a dinner party toast, grab a Tammy Beck book. And remember, in Tammy’s world, the only thing sharper than her knives is her sense of humor.