Terence Ang

In August 2020, Terence Ang, then the director of digital marketing and e-commerce for a leading Singaporean electronics and home appliances company, confronted a shocking personal crisis. An unexpected stroke seized his independence and thrust him into a harsh, new reality.

His first book, A Cry in the Dark, embodies this transformative journey, capturing his initial confusion and struggle and culminating in a poignant display of resilience. His heartfelt depiction of the battle to regain normalcy amidst emotional turmoil and harsh realities drew significant recognition, including a speaking engagement at the World Stroke Congress 2022 and nominations for Best Illustrated Non-Fiction and Best Cover Design at the 2023 Singapore Book Awards.

In his second literary feat, Emerging from the Dark, Ang extends the narrative, weaving together the stirring stories of other stroke survivors with his own hand-drawn illustrations. The book presents an intimate tapestry of lives at different stages of stroke recovery, revealing tales of tremendous courage and resolve. These are not victims but fighters, individuals battling tenaciously to regain their daily lives, however altered their "new normal" might be. This enlightening book shifts perspectives on stroke recovery, emphasizing positive outlooks and a rejection of pity. It is a call to listen to these remarkable stories.

Emerging from the Dark has gathered multiple accolades, including the Firebird Book Award 2023. It's also been shortlisted for several prestigious awards like the Hollywood Book Festival under the Non-Fiction category, Book of the Year Awards - True Story, and Global Book Awards for both Non-Fiction and Short Stories.
Through his inspiring personal journey and his continued work on his third book, Terence Ang's story stands as a symbol of hope, strength, and the transformative power of adversity. His work illuminates the often-silent struggles of stroke survivors, inspiring countless readers and serving as a beacon of resilience for all who face life's unpredictable challenges.