Terry Toler

TERRY TOLER is a best selling and award winning author and has written seventeen non fiction books and sixteen novels including the Jamie Austen Thrillers along with The Eden Stories. He is a minister, public speaker, counselor, and retired entrepreneur. Impacting the lives of people worldwide through storytelling has become one of his passions in life.

His book How To Make More Than a Million Dollars was a regional #1 best seller at Books A Million for thirteen months. More recently, twenty of his books have reach #1 best seller status in their categories on Amazon and all of his new releases have reached the top five in their categories, all five rising into the top 100 kindle best selling lists in all categories. Three books have hit the #1 International Best SElling list in ten countries.

Terry is an award winning author. The Longest Day won the 2020 Best Book Award For Religious Fiction. In 2021 he followed that up with The Late Great Planet Jupiter which was a finalist for the 2021 Best Book Award for Religious Fiction. Saving Sara was also a finalist for the 2021 Best Book Award for Thriller and Adventures.

"Terry Toler is well written, and a rising star in literary fiction." Michael DeAngelo (Reviewer)

Terry and his wife, Donna, have been married for twenty-nine years and live in Arkansas, where they serve as marriage counselors for a local church.