Tim Sabados

I realize there’s a lot of talented and popular authors out there and it’s easy to skim over this page or tuck my work into a random category that’s easily overlooked. However, if you take a moment to read on you’ll not only discover several interesting things about me, but some intriguing facts as well. This would include my writing style. my influences, where I work and the type of books I write.

I’ve been employed as an emergency room nurse for over fourteen years and a part time paramedic for twenty-one. I was born in Detroit, and even though I live in the suburbs, I still have roots tying me to the city. I even studied painting and sculpture at the Center for Creative Studies, but eventually pursued a career in the medical field. While in nursing school there was so much technical writing required of me that I began to write fiction as a way to fulfill that need to be creative.

Many of my influences in fiction have come from my interests in various mystical concepts and the unusual situations I’m faced with while at work. More importantly my writing strays from any one single genre, but instead blends them together to create a literary experience that provides a vibrant mental journey and encourages you to contemplate the multi-faceted aspects of life. This is something I feel you as a reader will find enjoyable on top of discovering an entertaining story.