Tracy Ellen

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If you love your steamy contemporary romance books served with heaping helpings of love, lust and laughter before the delicious happily-ever-after, USA Today Bestselling Author, Tracy Ellen is the writer for you.

Born in Indiana to middle-class parents, the third out of five hellions, Tracy often used her supernatural powers while growing up to compel her family members to listen to her talk and tell stories. When that tough crowd laughed of their own free will, Tracy knew the world would somehow, someday be her stage. A life-long, binge reader of all kinds of genres, it was Love-At-First-Typed-Word when Tracy also discovered her passion for writing books.

Tracy doesn't find it too strange she loves writing sexy, fun romances of all genres, even a zombie apocalypse romance series. After all, as anyone in a relationship will tell you, and similar to a catastrophic human extinction event, once you fall in love, life as you've known it is over for good!

But no matter how Tracy genre mashes, all of her novels have common elements. You'll get authentic characters you'd love to hang out with for realz, witty banter, exciting action, love scenes hot enough to make you squirm, and a surprising amount of belly-laughing humor that will make people around you think you're nuts when you laugh out loud. Oh, and be forewarned. Tracy's top goal as a writer is to get you addicted to all of her book series. She won't be happy until you're happily one-clickin' every book she writes and eagerly diving into her book world to escape for a few hours of tantalizing adventure.

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