Wolf Cub Chlo

The Wolf Cub Chlo team consists of Jenn aka Mama Wolf and Chloé aka Wolf Cub Chlo.

Jenn is a high school teacher, author, and mom. Literacy is her passion, but parenting is her joy. If she's not talking about marketing and business, you will find her humorously discussing teaching, restorative justice, parenting, and reading levels of children. She often discusses how much children are stuck to screens and either disdain reading or are struggling to catch up to their peers, so she and her daughter have made it their mission to find ways to bring the fun back to reading.
Chloé aka Wolf Cub Chlo is a young author who loves drawing, crafting, science experiments, reading, and telling silly jokes. Chlo wrote her first award-winning and best-selling book "Once a pun a Time- a guide to reading and telling jokes for kids" at the age of six. She was tired of seeing people sick, sad, and bored and wanted to find a way to use her brain to make more people smile.

Together, the Wolf Cub Chlo team encourages all to remember, that you are one smile away from helping re-shape the world.