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Need some help with your next book launch (or re-launch)? Let us help by customizing the perfect launch plan for YOU. How will we do this? LitRing and Aurora Publicity have joined forces and are offering the best of our skills for the ultimate launch plan. But first, coffee! No, wait, that isn’t right. But first, we want to hear from you. Your needs, your goals, and most importantly, your budget. Let’s make it happen! Together.

Our past launches have done pretty awesome and have even been cited on the BookBub Partners blog.

-Publication Team

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Book Launch Examples

  • Bella Andre launched You Do Something to Me to the New York Times Bestsellers list.
  • Kathryn Le Veque launched Warwolfe to the USA Today Bestsellers list (read the article).
  • Melissa Storm launched Let There Be Love to the USA Today Bestsellers list (see the list).
  • Eliza Watson launched Identity Crisis to the USA Today Bestsellers list.
  • Laura Scott launched To Love to the USA Today Bestsellers list.

Please note that each of these authors used our book launch package as part of a larger integrated marketing strategy. If you’re hoping to hit a list, it is unlikely that our package alone will get you there!

So what can this package include?

Don’t worry if this list seems overwhelming! These are our most common and popular launch tasks, but while we’re on our call, we’ll figure out which ones would work best for you and your launch plans.

Book & Product Page Optimization:

  • A thorough report on your comp authors/titles, and best keywords and categories to publish in and use for your ads
  • Analysis of your cover, blurb, pricing, publishing (retailer) plans, and product page

Social Media & Platform:

  • Custom giveaway (set-up and promotion) to take readers on a tour of your brand and get them excited to buy
  • Growth for your newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, and/or any other social/platform you’d like to promote
  • Custom designed launch giveaway graphics to match your branding and express your genre
  • Custom designed promotional graphics that can be used on social media or CPC ads such as Facebook Ads or Bookbub CPC ads
  • a VIP takeover of our reader Facebook group of over 12,000 members

Book Sales:

  • Custom ads strategy (Facebook ads, BookBub ads, or Amazon ads) carefully crafted and targeted to specific audiences interested in your genre
  • A 1-hour strategy call with Aurora Publicity’s CEO and Founder, Samantha
  • A dedicated book feature in our newsletter of 11,000+ engaged subscribers
  • A dedicated book feature on the LitRing website
  • A pinned or boosted post in our active LitRing Facebook Reader Group

Post Launch:

  • Detailed reporting on your new subscribers, giveaway activity, ad performance, and any other brand research data you’d like to uncover
  • Read-through calculations (if applicable)
  • Recommendations for going forward on your own.

And how much does it cost?

The cost of your package depends entirely on what we customize with you! You can plan on spending anywhere from $750-$2,000, for reference. The sooner we get together on a call, the sooner we can put together the perfect plan for you!

Because our book launches are so extensive, we need at least a month before your launch to plan. Please book our call before that! We only take 2-3 book launches a month for this reason, so book early. The earlier, the better.

We look forward to working with you!

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