22324: Assa S. Sin


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It was supposed to be the final mission. Seduce the physicist, acquire the information, delete the mark. But things do not always go according to plan.

She has no name, only a number: 22324. Trained from a young age to locate, seduce, and eliminate her targets, she’s one of the most successful assassins doing the bidding of the Agency.

But this mark is different. For the first time, she’s met someone that sees her mind as well as her body. Someone whose touch she not only feels but longs for.

Falling in love for the first time, she can’t carry out her mission. But there’s no way the Agency will accept this. The underground organization controls everything from the politics to the environment. They’d sooner kill her than let her walk away.

Trying to stay hidden, the two travel to all corners of the globe. But they can’t run forever.

22324: Assa S. Sin is a suspense novella. Be ready for things to move fast, and prepare for others things to stay a mystery. This novella contains strong language, graphic violence, sensitive subject matter, and explicit sex.

©2022 Shirra Lynn, LLC (P)2022 Shirra Lynn, LLC

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