5 Minute Edible Crafts: A Family Cookbook for Kids


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A silly cookbook for kids ages 4 to 9

Do you love cookbooks but are intimidated by the fancy pictures and complicated recipes?
Looking for a quick, fun, and simple way to bond with your children safely in the kitchen?
Need an activity that doesn’t involve screen time and can still count as being productive and creative?
Then we are a perfect match!

The 5-minute Edible Crafts for kids cookbook is packed with super enjoyable art projects that you can actually eat.

This fun cookbook for families encompasses;
- Recipes for kid chefs that encourage fun and learning - Fun facts and silly jokes with every recipe.
- Simple recipes for beginners and experts - Stress-free recipes that keep the focus on silly family bonding regardless of whether your dish is a sizzling sensation or a culinary catastrophe.
- Enjoyable edible projects for kids - Silly, delicious, and nutritious foods that kids will actually want to eat.
- Colorful photos with every recipe - No more guessing how your dish is supposed to look.
- Bonus food-themed activity pages for kids - Enjoy word searches, maze puzzles, connect the dot activities, and more.

Fun food projects are perfect for kid parties, food demonstrations, rainy day activities, after-school fun and so much more. Look forward to laughing with your little ones while creating delicious art with this fun and easy kids cookbook. Enjoy creating fun food crafts such as:
Fruit craft snacks
Pretzel crafts
Waffle crafts
Sandwich art and much more!

Have a blast bonding with your kid chef with these enjoyable mouth-watering edible art projects that can be completed in 5 minutes or less, instead of wasting precious time trying to create the perfect recipe with endless ingredients and complicated instructions. Spark a lifelong love for kitchen fun, learning, creativity, and food with 5 - Minute Edible Crafts: A Family Cookbook for Kids ages 4-9.