A Billionaire Secret


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Growing up, I hated that loser. So when I saw him again I did not expect to see this other side.

The last person I want to see OF COURSE, I run into. Elijah Kane, my older brother’s best friend. My childhood foe.

Billionaire, Marblewood’s pride and joy. Arrogant, entitled snob. Everything I don’t want.

We never got along but I needed a job, so I agreed to work for him.

One late night the sparks flew, and I melted like a snowball in the Sahara

His steely eyes, sure as the dawn, pierced my soul. I tried to resist, but my heart had other ideas.

I wondered if coming home was a huge mistake.

A fire has ignited between us. My brother is never going to forgive me for sleeping with Elijah.

I wonder now if I must trust my boss with my heart AND my job. Kill me now!