A Casual and Chaotic Christmas Collection: A Kennedy Family Christmas anthology


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A Casual and Chaotic Christmas Collection
The Kennedy Family Christmas Anthology

Curl up with four sweet and sexy romance short stories featuring the Kennedy family. Start off with Mari and Leo who are trying for a Casual Christmas. Then Mari's sister Tessa and her childhood sweetheart Ben know that they're experiencing a Not So Casual Christmas. Youngest sister Becca and Justin are having a chaotic Christmas in the next story. And finally their mother Erica and father Jace are having a Christmas Crisis. Facing divorce, they need a Second Chance Christmas.

These heartwarming and steamy stories are perfect for a night next to a twinkling Christmas tree under a cozy blanket.
This anthology features:
A Casual Christmas: Mari and Leo want to keep their relationship casual -- except both of them keep having these inconvenient feelings. Add a little holiday magic and this Christmas is going to be anything but casual.
A Not So Casual Christmas: When Tessa is confronted with her old lover, she wonders if Ben is truly back in her life. Or is he just using their past relationship to get proprietary information out of her?
A Chaotic Christmas: Last Christmas, Becca gave Justin her heart. The very next day, they were married in Vegas by Elvis. A few days after that, her mother-in-law from hell ruined everything. Now a year later, Becca has flown to London to get the divorce papers signed. But Justin isn't giving up on Becca. No way. No how.
A Second Chance Christmas: This Christmas, it's just Jace and Erica. Their daughters are celebrating the holidays with their husbands' families. But it's all bah humbug without "the kids." And now that you mention it, Erica has the holiday blues that are making her question if is she truly happy in her marriage. Erica is a former MMA fighter who now owns a gym. Jace is a busy trial lawyer. They're not boring people, so why is their marriage so boring? At a Christmas gift swap, Erica gets a book on "How to Spice Up Your Love Life." She thinks it's worth one last try if she can get Jace to pay attention to her long enough to try out some of the shocking things in the book. A Second Chance Christmas is a seasoned romance between two people who never fell out of love.