A Lord or a Liar

Book 2


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Miss Bridget Wynch unknowingly threatens Lord Landon’s hidden past, forcing him to decide between love and the truth that could tear them apart.

Miss Bridget Wynch is quite sure she is in love with Lord Landon, believing him to be the most excellent of gentlemen – for he has just donated a large sum to an orphanage where she offers some of her time. Bridget is hopeful that, very soon, he will consider her and their connection will only deepen from there. When her friends encourage her to use ‘The London Ledger’ to make certain of his intentions, Bridget is reluctant to do so but does so in the end.

Heath, the Earl of Landon, has long been hiding a secret, attempting to do good to make up for his guilt. When a threat is thrown at him, he is then horrified to see something about his past printed in ‘The London Ledger’ – something a little too close to the truth. Determined to find out who has written such a thing, he finds himself in the path of a young lady he recognizes…a young lady who continually catches his attention in more ways than one.

When Miss Wynch is put in danger because of their connection, Heath must decide between telling her the truth or ending their closeness altogether. What will he decide? Will her belief in his good character be enough to sustain them?

This is Book 2 in the Only for Love series, where a group of young ladies make a pact with each other that they will marry only for love, despite pressure from their parents and society to make a convenient match. It can be read as a standalone story, is clean and wholesome, and suitable for all ages. Get your copy today!