A Toast for Laurent



You know those deals you make when you’re young and dumb, promising to marry your best friend if you’re both not married by the time you’re forty?

Apparently, Phoebe was serious about that.

She waltzes into my small town after disappearing nearly twenty years ago, asking me to marry her. I’d do it without a second thought… if she hadn’t ripped my heart out.


I never thought I’d take Laurent up on his offer to marry me at forty, but here I am, desperately trying to survive another family event. By some miracle, he agrees… on one condition.

I can’t fall in love with him.

I never would’ve agreed if I knew how hard that would be.

A Toast to Laurent is the first in a new small-town, family saga romance series from Theresa Paolo. Grab a glass of wine and join the Grasso family as they pop the cork on love.