Amber Eyes


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‘Darkness is all Liz Black has known for her entire life.
Being born to a lovesless mother with an insatiable appetite for drugs, Liz is determined to break free of the shackles of her past and find her happily ever after.
An unexpected attack leads Liz to flee her empty life and move in with her friend.
Only fate has twisted ways, leaving Liz to find herself in the same predicament, desperate to find a means to make enough money for her own place.
Upon taking the job at Club Red, she sells her virginity to the devil himself.
Mark O’Brian is a man who knows what he wants, and when he spots Liz, he makes sure that she knows who she belongs to, that the only man to touch her will be him.
When Liz moves without Mark knowing, he makes it his mission to find her and bring her back to where she belongs.
Only he didn’t expect a family emergency arising when he does eventually find his Liz.
Without letting Liz out of his sight, he kidnaps her to Ireland where things take a twist, leaving everyone’s heads spinning.’