Amo & Akka’s World Adventures: Book Two


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In 'Amo & Akka's World Adventures', S.A. Edison tells the story of two siblings, Amo and Akka, who set off on a magical journey around the world. Guided by mysterious souls that appear and vanish unpredictably, they visit prominent destinations and listen to stories about the people and their cultures. This book is an excellent choice for young readers, igniting their imagination and fostering an interest in diverse cultures and peoples. It's equally delightful for adults, serving as a beautiful reminder of the joys of travel and the excitement of discovering new places.

After exploring France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Egypt, and China in Book One, the adventure continues in Book Two, where Amo and Akka travel to Turkey, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Morocco, Sweden, and Germany. Readers will enjoy getting to know these amazing countries through vivid illustrations and detailed descriptions of their adventures!