An Audacious Woman

A Novel

For fans of contemporary and historical fiction alike, An Audacious Woman is a charming and eminently readable story featuring a strong female protagonist and unlikely friendships in a glamorous setting.

In 2018, a gilded-age-era Manhattan mansion worth 70 million dollars still stands in all its glory because of the tenacity of one woman, Eleanor Beaufort.

Confronted with the realities of aging, Eleanor is ready to retire and travel the world, but the estate holds her back. Contrary as ever, she hosts a contest to bequeath her home to a complete stranger. Follow along as contestants unearth wild tales from Eleanor’s past while revealing their true colors. Are the contestants safe? Is Eleanor sane? Who will win the mansion? Find out in this fun, vivacious page-turner.

Laugh-out-loud funny and studded with a dynamic cast of diverse characters, An Audacious Woman is a masterclass in bringing thought-provoking topics to readers in a delightful way. An excellent women’s book club read.