Astral Alignment


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Our world collides with a strange and unforgiving dimension in this two-part novel, the first in an all new science-fantasy horror series.

In Forestrunner, a woman awakens on a mysterious, alien world where humans are prey to grotesque monstrosities. Injured, mutated and mysteriously deprived of her memories, she will master an array of martial and psychic disciplines, find love among the natives, and rise to lead them under the guidance of their gods, an eldritch pantheon whose motives may go far beyond mere freedom for humanity.

Back on earth, Alignment follows the actions of a government operative who leaves a powerful grimoire in the hands of a cult. Bent on revenge against its leader, an estranged father abducts his autistic son, hoping to exploit the latent powers the boy has yet to discover. Years later, as those powers awaken, he will find himself in the midst of the Astral Alignment, an apocalyptic event that threatens to rip the very planet apart.