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An ancient goddess. When her Guardians are murdered, her life and kingdom are at risk. She’s forced to hide her soul and power in a small gold statue to await the day she’ll be released. Over three thousand years later, she’s free, in the body of a human woman, and seeking new Guardians.

A human woman. Emergency room doctor Ryder Hoffman devotes her life to her work and to find a cure for her father’s cancer. A single night in a run-down motel with a small gold statue and an injured man changes her life forever. Days later, recurring sizzling dreams become nightmares then turn into reality. When the Stone brothers show up at her door, no one can explain her new wolf tattoo, her blackouts, or her ability to heal. Will her soul be consumed by a beautiful goddess? Or can she hold onto her humanity?

Reborn guardians. The Stone brothers protect their dying wolf clan, no matter what. The youngest, Ian, is the last shifter born and the most daring. He defied his Alpha and stole the gold statue. Colin keeps the peace between his brothers. Second-in-command, he allows Ian the leniency he was never given. Jamie, their Alpha, demands total control with no exceptions—not even his brothers. He will protect his family and his clan from the human woman whom they can’t resist and he refuses to trust.

A prophecy awaits. A gold statue, three protective wolf shifters, and a fated human are brought together as the present imitates the past.

Awakened is the first in Sharla Wylde's Tree of Life series. If you enjoy fantasy and reverse harems, then you'll love this sizzling and captivating story!