Bound Across Time

| Book 1


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CeCe Gowdie. Historian, rational, scorns the paranormal. When her boss orders her to convert her Welsh castle tours to ghost walks, she thinks that’s the worst that can happen. It is, until one midnight in the castle tower she meets Patrick—handsome, passionate, dead since 1761.

Patrick O’Loinsigh. Bastard son of an earl, brought from Ireland only to be murdered by his half-brother. The moment Patrick sees CeCe he claims her as his own, a claim neither of them understands but can’t resist.

CeCe’s body won’t survive loving a ghost, but losing him will tear her heart to pieces. Patrick can’t bear watching CeCe die by inches, but releasing her will hurl him back to a hellish half-life without her. Is there hope in the prophecy of an ancient Irish seer? The spells of Welsh witches? Or is the alchemy of love enough to bridge time and defeat death?